What is it?

Our ‘Maths Passport’ is a strategy for improving children’s mental maths skills. Each child will be given a passport that they will take with them through school.

When does it take place?

Our maths passport volunteers will work with children once a week when they check their progress and set them the passport skill to practice for 10 minutes each night.

Passport Process

  1. Children are assessed on their targets weekly.
  2. A triangle next to a target will indicate that the target has been achieved.
  3. Children continue to practice and be assessed on the remaining targets until all of the targets for a continent have been achieved. They receive a certificate for this achievement. They then move on to the next continent and a new set of targets.

Where to start?

All children will start at their attainment level and progress through the passports at their own pace. The aim is to complete the passports when they get to Year 6.

How to help at home

We would ask that you spend 10 minutes each evening practising your child’s passport skills with them. This could be in the car, at teatime, before bed – it doesn’t need to be a sit down, formal time.

If you would like to know more about the Maths Passports please pop into school and speak to your child’s class teacher or Mrs Smart (maths coordinator).